Travel Consultancy

Consultancy mainly on following topics can be provided

  • About Travel Management
  • Travel Technology
  • Business Travel Services
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Travel Policy

Maximize Service, Minimize cost?
Today’s corporations want to maximize service for their travellers while minimizing their travel costs. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. The travel market is more complex than ever. Airlines cut commission, form alliances, rework corporate route deals, etc. We have the ability and experience on instructing you how to survive from the complexity of the trade

Let Corporate Travel Services partner you.

We position our self alongside you, enabling us to tackle challenges from your perspective.
We will advise you on cost saving possibilities and alternatives, help you formulate travel policies to ensure you meet both HR and cost control objectives, and agree with you on service levels.

Many travel agents can issue tickets – only a few, like us, can provide you travel management services through a team of trained and experienced managers as well as up to date technology.